Set in the tranquil, idyllic surroundings of Ghadira, Mellieha Holiday Centre is an ideal location for arranging a memorable wedding or engagement party. The natural setting of Mellieha Holiday Centre offers an exclusivity that is hard to come by these days.

When planning important events you should remember to consider such things as proper parking facilities for guests. With parking being such a high priority, Mellieha Holiday Centre offers full use of the Centre’s three ample parking lots. All areas are completely accessible for people with special needs.

All catering arrangements are entrusted to The Great Dane & Dynasty Caterers. They are in a position to provide menus for all occasions, from the simplest requirements to the most sophisticated spreads imaginable. Sample menus incorporating various options are available on request. The Great Dane & Dynasty Caterers also provide experienced and highly trained serving staff, capable of guaranteeing a smooth running of any event.